A protester holds a sign-board during an anti-slavery demonstration outside the Embassy of Libya in London, United Kingdom on November 26, 2017 to protest the human rights violations in Libya. (Photo by Alberto Pezzali/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The National Council for Women Societies (NCWS) has condemned continued violence against women and children in Libya and Italy, describing it as “man’s inhumanity to man”.

President of the council, Gloria Shoda said in a statement in Abuja that the council would not watch women and children being brutalised all over the world.

“It is time to further our collective action to end violence against women and girls for good,” she affirmed.

“It is time for united action from all of us, so that women and girls around the world can live free from harassment, harmful practices, and all other forms of violence,” she said.

She said brutality and rape of women and children had become a global concern, calling on the international community to unite to find a common solution.

A recent United Nations report shows more than one in three women have experience physical violence, sexual abuse or both.

A recent video by CNN showed a slave auction in Libya, where stranded African migrants were sold off for as little as $400.

The council also cited incidents of rape, abuse and brutality of women and children in Libya and Italy.

In one case, an Italian court issued life sentence on a smuggler who raped, tortured and murdered migrants trying to reach Europe from North Africa.

Shoda said unless the international community tackles violence against women, the world will not eradicate poverty nor achieved any of the other Sustainable Development Goals.