MDCN office

The Nigerian Medical Association has demanded federal government to immediately re-constitute a council before September 30 for the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, which regulates doctors and dentists nationwide.

The September 30 deadline marks 10 weeks after President Muhammadu Buhari declared MDCN council would be reconstituted.

It was dissolved three years ago, rendering MDCN without a council to entertain or enforce complaints or allegations against doctors or dentists.

An executive committee of the association is also to go to court to demand an interpretation for a phrase in the MDCN establishment act that says “the council shall be a body corporate in with perpetual succession”.

It comes after repeated dissolution of the council continually hamper its ability to police doctors and dentists.

The demand to reconstitute MDCN and seek court interpretation for “perpetual succession” is among a handful reached as executives of NMA met in Osogbo.

Meanwhile, the association has condemned police action that criminalised doctors at Garki Hospital in Abuja who treated a gunshot victim.

Angela Igwetu, on National Youth Service, was reported shot on July 4 by Inspector Benjamin Peter in Abuja and rushed to Garki Hospital, where she died.

Controversy in the wake of her death and subsequent investigation led to doctors accusing police of criminalising their work at the hospital.

Among other resolutions:

1. There is need for government at all levels to ensure that the various funds voted to finance the Primary Health Care in Nigeria are judiciously managed especially, from the approved and appropriated Consolidated Revenue Fund in National Health Act.

2. The government should take appropriate steps at improving the infrastructure, social amenities and the economy. The improvement of salaries of health professionals and improved welfare conditions for all healthcare workers’ in Nigeria as compared with those in the in America, Europe and Canada. These are the major factors that will mitigate against the on-going brain drain in the Nigeria’s health sector and enhance retention of our health personnel.

3. The NEC reaffirmed her resolution on the use of Doctors’ stamp as an anti- quackery measure. The public should insist on Doctors’ stamp on their medical reports.

4. The NEC commended the NMA President , Dr. Francis Adedayo Faduyile and the National Officers’ Committee for the sequential implementation of the NMA National Strategic Plan (NSP)- 2017 – 2021.

5. The NEC appealed to all politicians to play politics without rancor and bitterness. The NEC also admonished the Law enforcement agents to demonstrate unambiguous loyalty to the constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

6. The NEC resolved to support the implementation of Patients’ Bill of Rights recently launched by the Federal Government of Nigeria. However, NEC admonished the Federal Government to also consider the introduction of Healthcare Workers’ Bill of Rights.

7. NMA is committed to organizing the 2nd National Health Summit in the first quarter of 2019. The NEC commended the Federal and some State Governments for their efforts and determination in implementing the proposed new minimum wage commencing from September, 2018. The NEC directed the NOC to closely monitor the implementation of the new minimum wage salary package for all-inclusiveness in application.

8. The NEC appealed to all Nigerian doctors in Nigeria and the diaspora, government at all levels, philanthropists and well- meaning Nigerians, to support the lofty project of building a befitting NMA National Secretariat and Doctors’ Village in Abuja.