By Ndidi Chukwu

A Non Governmental Organization, Global Initiative for Peace Love and Care has reported alleged refusal by mother of a two-year-old child access to treatment.

The Widow whose only child is suffering from cancer of the left eye refused to take the her daughter-Aisha-to the hospital because she uses her as a means to an end-begging for alms in Abuja’s city..

The NGO Director Nuhu Kwajafa posted on his facebook page last week Friday that the organization took custody of the two years old girl and took her to the hospital for admission as she lost so much blood and would need N700 thousand for blood, drugs, chemo and surgery.

While Nigerians during the weekend made contributions for Aisha’s treatment, the NGO unfortunately reported that the mother irrationally decided to take her daughter (Aisha) out of the Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital thereby denying her treatment, and requesting to be paid before she can submit her daughter for treatment.

He wrote, “Yesterday evening, Aisha’s mother irrationally decided to take her daughter(Aisha) out of the Gwagwalada specialist hospital, denying her treatment. The nurses pleaded endlessly with her but she declined. After numerous phone calls, the mother finally answered our call (an hour ago). She said something to me that really broke my heart. Aisha’s mother wants to be paid, before allowing her daughter access treatment. This situation where a parent denies a child access to healthcare, a basic right, is criminal and must be condemned. It is the same thing as denying an eligible person the right to vote or be voted for. These types of atrocities must not be allowed to thrive, especially against children, the future of our country. With heavy hearts, we wish to inform the general public that we are not accepting anymore donations for Aisha. In total 210k has been raised, between yesterday and today. If it’s okay, may we channel the funds to another sick child? God bless you all.”

According to Child Rights Act of 2003 it is the responsibility and obligations of  government, parents, organizations and other authorities to the child to ensure child survival rights which includes access to medical care, development, Protection  and Participation rights of the child must be upheld above all other legislation that have bearing on the rights of the child in Nigeria.